Miller on StiltsWhat is a strolling performance?
A strolling performance is a fun, interactive performer giving your event atmosphere and entertaining crowds or lines of people. Like street performing this is totally portable, no stage is needed! This performer goes where the people are. The real advantage to strolling is how interactive it is, this is a comedy performer you don’t just watch, you can talk to them.

Juggling – Animal Balloons – Stilt Walking

What can a strolling performer do?
Everything! Juggling, music, magic, animal balloons and even stilt-walking are just some of the things Miller & Mike can do when they are strolling. If you want something specific just ask, Miller & Mike can do it all. They can even do other things to help your event run smoothly like making announcements and moving a crowd.

Call or E-mail today to find out more about bringing the strolling performance of Miller & Mike to your next event, it’s easier than you think. You can book them individually or get a great deal and a better show by bringing them both in.