A Resiliency Presentation


School Assembly Show

The presentation weaves together engaging circus skills with a message of resiliency. Mike Lorenz taps into 10 years of working with at hope children and 20 year as a professional entertainer to create an in demand performance for any audience.


B.A.L.A.N.C.E.S. seeks to engage and inform. The presentation brings the audience together in a communal way. It creates awareness for Resiliency as a solution focused path to inspire personal stability.


Resiliency is a challenging subject for many to be aware of and understand. Mike Lorenz’s training in Trauma Informed Care shines through as the message emerges through metaphor, demonstration, audience participation and dazzling feats of circus skill.


B Brain Science
A Adversity
L Laughter
A Activities
N Nurturing
C Care for Self
E Environment
S Stability


The presentation was created for and is ideal for

Youth Groups
Mental Health Awareness
Corporate Events
Self Care Needs



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