Here is where you can pick up all the promotional material you will ever need to promote your Miller & Mike show and make your event as successful as possible.

As always, both Miller & Mike are available to interview or answer any questions you have. Get in touch on the contact us page.

Miller & Mike Poster.PDF

Click here for a poster that prints easily on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. It has space for you to write in the place and time of the show and will help you promote your event.

Clown Transformation Poster.PDF

Click here. Just like the Miller & Mike poster it prints easily on a regular piece of paper and has space at the bottom to write in show details.

Right click on the image to copy or save.

Miller & Mike logo

Miller & Mike logo

Miller & Mike promo photo

Miller & Mike promo photo


Miller & Mike promo photo


Santa Storytime Logo


The Santa Storytime

More to come…