Libraries Rock!

Miller and Mike are now booking libraries for their 2018 Summer Tour .

Miller and Mike will be Rocking the Library in 2018.  Their comedy music juggling show creates memories and traditions at your library for families to gather and laugh together.


Here are some comments from the libraries in the Bridges System in 2016:

· They were fantastic! They even entertained by impromptu before the scheduled program and the kids LOVED it!
· Lots of energy
· Miller & Mike kicked off our schedule of performers this summer and what a treat! From the beginning they engaged the audience with their slapstick, tricks and the overall fun atmosphere. They were very easy to work with and I would welcome them back to Watertown gladly!!
· One of THE BEST performer teams EVER!
· I don’t know who laughed harder, me or the kids!
· Please bring them back again & again!
· Wonderful as always.
· The attendees of all ages LOVED this show! I feel like everyone was entertained, and the duo were low maintenance and easy to work with.