This is the Oreo Cookie Trick, a fun activity that kids just love to do.  This is perfect for a group of kids that just can’t sit still.  It works well as part of an active presentation or as a break for a group of kids that have been sitting for a while.  The best part is, it’s easy to learn.

This activity is divided up into 3 parts.  To help you get started and to get an idea of what this is, watch the video then read the instructions to fully see how useful this is.

The Warm Up

Get the kids up with enough space to move and not touch each other. A good pre-game is the mirror game where you do a movement and the kids copy it. Most people do this by putting the kids in pairs but by doing it in a group you can direct where it goes. After this try a mirror game that only uses your head and your face. Start with expressions using the whole face, happy, sad, surprised, angry… Then isolate parts of your face and move them one at a time, just your eyebrows, your lips, one cheek then the other, your jaw, even your tongue. It’s amazing how many muscles are in your face and that’s part of what you can teach the kids.

The Trick

Oreos work great but you can use anything. Crackers are a good size and shape but when you’re a kid you can’t beat a good cookie. The first thing you need to do is lean back and bring your head back so when you put the oreo on your forehead it doesn’t slide off. Move your eyebrows up and down to move the oreo over your eye and onto your cheek. Then move your cheek in a circle motion to move the oreo down next to your mouth, if you need more movement get your jaw involved in the circle motion. When it’s close enough, use your tongue to get the Oreo into your mouth.

Some Hints

After the first success people really get into this. They think, “Wow! I actually can do it.” That realization can be very useful. This is a fun, silly thing to do but it teaches that practice leads to accomplishment. If you can get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands, what else can you do? Maybe you can pass that math test coming up or even try reading a book that is a grade above your reading level. However you present this don’t forget to have fun.