So as a clown I can’t just go to the store and buy my clown stuff.  Props, costumes, etc.. I have to build or make most of what I have.  I have some sewing skill so making baggy clown pants is a chore but defiantly something I can do.  I have learned to block and sew my own juggling hats from wool felt hoods.  I can even make rubber banana peels for those slippery moments with an audience.  My current project is to make a replacement for my giant hammer.

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Prop making Giant Hammer

My old pool noodle hammer has served me well but it is fragile.  It usually falls apart after a few good whacks.  It is time to retire the old girl.

I have just begun.  I will be carving the hammer from foam and then coating in liquid latex for a realistic look.  Here is a pic of my progress so far.  I have glued two sections of foam together.  I will let it set and cure for a bit before carving.  Stay tuned for updates.

giant hammer

Prop making giant foam hammer