When I teamed up with Otis to bring Miller and Mike to Wisconsin (and around the world), we had a hard time figuring out how to classify ourselves.  We are clowns and jugglers. We are variety artists and vaudevillians.  We are magicians and comedians.  We are so much more.  We eventually settled on “Quality Family Entertainment”.

We were primarily focused on Quality.  We had just come off tours with Ringling Bros. Circus and Royal Caribbean Cruises and we had the desire to bring that class of entertainment back to Wisconsin.

Next was family, our show is great for kids but it can also be enjoyed by all ages.  It is when we have kids, parents, grandparents and other adults all mixed together that the laughter becomes contagious and the real magic happens.

And finally Entertainment.  The Miller and Mike show is the kind of show that Otis and I would want to take our families to see.We do, what we do, because it is what we want to see.   A good children’s entertainer should be able to entertain the children and the adults that go with them.  The show should be entertaining and wholesome for all ages.  That is what Miller and Mike strive for and that is why Miller and Mike is Quality Family Entertainment.

In the spirit of laughter,