As the summer closes down Mike and I are looking forward to some time off (which really means home improvement projects). We had a great summer and a lot of fun. We played a lot of new places this year like the Brown County Fair, where I met a fan from Germany. Also the library in Hartford, WI where part of the reading program is pieing a librarian. Pieing is the verb form of the word pie. Mike and I also did shows at a lot of places we frequent where we always get great crowds like Wisconsin Rapids, Slinger and Green Bay.

But a big thank you needs to go out to the libraries of Waukesha County. Mike and I spent more than two weeks driving all over the county doing some great shows. It was a lot of fun and the patrons were very responsive.

The summer may be ending but that means it’s time for fall festivals. Check out the newly updated calendar at to see where we’re going next.