So many people have pointed out the clown shortage to me that I had to react. Luckily most of these people weren’t to worried because they know me. I’d like to say I’m part of the solution but the story cites that the World Clown Association (WCA) is down on it’s membership. Well guess who forgot to renew last year? I don’t think Mike has ever signed up.

The real shortage is people who know a clown when they see one. The NY Daily News ran the original story with a picture of 2 opera singers and fox and friends showed clips of the spoof clown from “In Living Color.” Of course if you’re reading this blog then I’m probably preaching to the choir. But the next time someone mentions a clown shortage or the ever popular comment, “I’m afraid of clowns,” you can pity them for their narrow definition of a clown. And feel free to tell them that you know what a clown is and invite them to a Miller & Mike show to see for themselves.