Otis Miller, the world's longest usable yo-yo

Otis Miller will make yo-yo history, again.


Back in 2010 I established a new Guinness World Record with my little yo-yo when I threw it down 35 feet and 2 inches and it caught it making it the longest yo-yo ever used. Since then some punk in Chicago beat my record but I’m back to prove my yo-yo is the best, and don’t mean Mike.

Make your way up to Marinette this weekend for Heritage Fest. Mike and I will be doing shows all weekend but the 4pm show on Saturday will end with an attempt to brake the current record of 39 feet, 9 inches. Then the next day I’ll attempt to brake my own record at the 4pm show.

You can get the details on the Guinness page at MillerandMike.com and find info about the first record setting throw. Hope to see you there.