Anyone who is a fan of The Amazing Race knows that clowns pop up every once in a while. The latest were Dave and Cherie. But only the most attentive fan can also tell you that Miller & Mike worked with Dave and Cherie on the Ringling show. I was sorry to see that they didn’t fare well with long division, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Maybe Cherie should have tackled the math. Here is an old picture of her and I racing to solve the Rubik’s cube, something we did a lot at intermission. Remember, it’s not about who wins or loses, but I always won.

Once in our dressing room, clown alley, Dave thought he’d try a short cut to drying his socks in the microwave. One minute later he pulls his ruined sock out. Immediately I pulled out my camera and as I took this shot I said, “Now this is a moment of stupidity I want to remember.”

Better luck next time Dave and Cherie.