Miller & Mike on stilts

Summer is almost over and with it goes the summer festival. We will all have to wait 9 long months before we again see the season of cream puffs, tractor pulls and fighting through huge crowds of people to see a Miller & Mike show. But don’t fret because with the lose of the summer festival comes the fall festival.

Coming up the last weekend in September is Appleton’s Octoberfest. Get ready to eat your way down College Ave. There are also lots of bands and of course Miller & Mike. The next weekend head to Mayville, WI for Audobon Days. There will be a big car show and this year Tom Pease, oh yeah, and Miller & Mike.

This is an old photo of Mike and I in a parade on Memorial Day. Look close and you can see Mike in the background wearing a red shirt and striped pants hitting spectators with a big hammer and of course, that’s a ukulele in my hands.