How would you like to have a Guinness record of your own so you can be just like Miller? Are you getting excited for the Superbowl? Now you can do both.

DiGornio Pizza is trying to break the record for the most people high-fiving at the same time. The event will be at Lambeau Field this Thursday the 3rd at 12:30 and everyone who participates gets a piece of pizza and DiGornio will also donate $5 to feeding America for everyone who comes. An official Guinness adjudicator will be on hand as well as former Packers receiver Antonio Freeman. The number to beat is 1,792 but hears the catch, a similar event will be going on in Pittsburgh at the same time. So the real number to beat is however many of those lousy Steelers fans are coming out to their event.

Here is your chance to support the Packers in Superbowl 45, or should I say XLV, and get a Guinness record that will belong to all us Packer fans. Go Pack Go!