Recently I was reminded of a very special new years eve. Mike and I were working on a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship. Cruising is always a big party and on new years eve it’s even better, unless the name of your ship is Poseidon. Everyone was on the promenade, a long stretch in the middle of the ship that has bars, cafes and gift shops. They went all out for new years, live music, dancing, tuxedos and champagne for everyone, they also spent all day putting up 2 large balloon drops for midnight. Mike, who knows a thing or two about balloon decor, looked at them and said, “that’s not how I would do it.” As it turned out midnight came and the strings were pulled to release the drops and not one balloon came down from either drop. It was still a great new year and here’s hoping you all have a fun and prosperous new year too. The lesson is that cruise directors can sing and tell a joke or two but should leave the balloons to the professionals.

Here’s a shot of me on that promenade doing one of my cruise ship characters.


Miller "performing" on a cruise ship