Halloween is fast approaching and as the pressure of what to go as bears down on you keep in mind the security of the old stand by. You can always go as Miller or Mike. If you want to go as Mike simply take an old sock and ask people smell it. If you want to go as me simply start going bald, it’s easy.

Now that you’ve got your costume you need a place to go. Mike and I are doing a show at a new venue, the Comedy Quarter. It’s not just for stand up anymore. This Saturday the 30th enjoy an afternoon of fun for the whole family. Just showing up means your entered in the costume contest, so you better dress up. Come check out the Comedy Quarter, tickets start at only $5 or for only $12 include a great lunch.

Here’s a picture I dug up of Mike and I on Halloween from a few years ago. Classic.

Happy Halloween,

Miller, Mike & Marx