I got up this morning and started getting ready for 2 shows at the Brown Co. Library, downtown Green Bay. I thought I had everything I needed, sound system, uke, etc. When I got to the library I quickly realize that I left my favorite yo-yo in my pants at home. I wish I could say that this is uncommon but that would stretch the truth more than a taffy pull. It’s not time to panic yet because I keep a back up yo-yo in my trunk, I have so many back ups for everything sometimes I think there’s another me running around. I hit my hand more than usual during the yo-yo routine but nobody really noticed.

Also, before that show I hung my towel over something back stage and went to get it during the middle of the show.  As I got my towel the stage lights suddenly got much brighter. That’s when I realized I hung my towel on the light board. This turned out to be a stroke of luck because the lights were too dim before and people could see us much better now. The librarian, long time freind Katie Guzek, said she was very impressed that we incorporated light cues into our show and that we figured out the light board, something she’d tried to do for a long time.

So, one good and one fair. The unexpected is why I love live performance. I only wish all the stupid things I do turned out so good.