Yesterday I did a show in West Virgina in a little town called Moorefield which is nestled in between the mountains. The show was outside in the town park and it was beautiful. Moorefield is nice place but being surrounded by mountains, it’s a little hard to get to and when you don’t know where you’re going that’s an understatment.

Now I had a map and it’s not that I got lost it’s just that googlemaps and Rand McNally don’t bother to tell you that a road is shaped like a drunken snake and has so many ups and downs that it shouldn’t be driven by anyone at anytime for any reason. The trip I thought would take about an hour or more took over two and a half.

When I got there I talked to theĀ people running the eventĀ and they told me that the other highway (which was the longer route) would have saved me at least 30 minutes and the dizzy head I had all day. Oh well. Live, learn and always check with locals.