I got an E-mail the other day from a guy in Austria. Here’s what he said, keep in mind I copied it word for word and English is probably not his first language.

Dear Miller and Mike,
my name is Gregor and i am from austria, europa (NOT AUSTRALIA). My father
showed me your Banana gag and we both found it funny and also very fascinating. My
father, who is an hobbymagician, has birthday in a few weeks and i want to do some
kind of same trick like you two perform. Now to my question: do you really eat that
many bananas?? I hope (and also think) not, but actually i don´t know. So please
tell me this littel secret is it a trick banana or any other kind of illusion?
Thank you for your answer and go on performing great shows like that!
Greetings from Austria

I thought about telling him that if he looks closely He can see Mike hid each banana in a secret compartment in the handkerchief. Or maybe tell him that they all end up behind his tie. But for the sake of international relations I just couldn’t do that to the poor guy. I sent him this reply.

Thanks for watching and I'm glad you liked it. Mike and I don't do much
magic but the small bit that I do know about magic can be summed up like
this, the simplest answer is the right one. Mike eats every one of those
bananas. It's a comedy act, not an illusion. We performed that act on a
cruise ship and there we did 2 shows a night, that was fun for me. Luckily
for me I have talent for the ukulele, unluckily for Mike he has a talent
for bananas.
Leave 'em Laughing,
Otis Miller

By the way if you don’t know what we’re talking about you should go to the gallery and watch the banana video. Have fun.