Last week I was messing around on Facebook and looking at my grocery list I decided my status should be, “Tim Otis Miller has completely run out of paper towels.” I didn’t think much of it but it got lots of comments and interest, go figure. One of the comments was, “Is that the absorbant material on a roll I keep hearing so much about.” The first time I read this I had that “What was that feeling.” The feeling you get when you can’t quite remember the name of the movie you’re thinking of. It’s on the tip of your tongue but it’s just not there. That’s how I felt, I knew I should recognize that phrase but I just couldn’t come up with it. Luckily my wife was there when I read it so I showed it to her and she starts laughing, she got it right away. It was killing me so I had to ask, “What is that from?” She gives me a crazy look and says, “That’s from the Miller & Mike show.” I felt like an idiot. Sure enough that’s a joke Mike wrote for a show we did in Green Bay in Jan. of 2005. Good thing my wife has a better memory than me.