Who is Dr. Kickbutt? The simple answer is that he is the brains and the beauty behind Dr. Kickbutt’s Orchestra of Death. But then what in the world is Dr. Kickbutt’s Orchestra of Death? Well, it’s a ukulele junk band that can not only rock your socks off but also any other under garments.  They combine good music with bad jokes, it’s a show like you’ve never seen before. Mike and I didn’t start this one of kind group but we are happy to be a part of it.

Most people are satisfied to only lead a band that is this cool but not the doctor. That’s why he had to make a movie. The premiere of “Kick Savin’ a Beauty” will be this weekend, September 11th and 12th, in downtown Oshkosh at the Time Theater. As if the movie wasn’t enough a concert will follow the screening. You can find full details on the calendar page at www.MillerandMike.com.

Here’s the best part, Mike and I will perform with the band and are also in the movie. I love being a part of this band, it’s nonstop zany fun. Come down and catch the whole gang, Jackie Greasehound, L. Foot, Lady Baltimore, Country Road Freddie, many others  and of course Dr. Kickbutt.