The other night Mike and I were driving home from a show we did in Luxemburg. For those not in the know, which included me until I looked it up on google maps, Luxemburg is north of Green Bay on the peninsula side. We had to take a few country roads to get to the highway when a skunk ran out in the middle to the road for no good reason. I zigged and the skunk zagged. We missed the skunk by no more than two feet and we were all a little startled. If you ever sneak up on me or Mike you’ll notice a shocked expression and maybe a gasp, not so with a skunk. As you can imagine, what followed was one of the worst smells to ever come from an animal and I worked with elephants. Apparently the black and white menace didn’t like almost being hit by my car so he sprayed it. I doubt the car has learned a lesson but you can’t blame the little guy for trying. As for me, I will continue to avoid hitting or even scaring skunks for both our sakes.